More about me:

I am a researcher of WW2 photo albums and am currently working on the manuscript to my first book which is the chronicle of a German Machine gunner, covering his service in the Polish, French and Russian theatres of war. It is a chronological sequence of photography taken by him, accompanied with a translation of his wartime journal. The book is an introduction to the hobby of collecting wartime photography which in recent years has grown considerably. The intention is to illuminate how frozen moments in time may be explored, researched and ultimately lead to a better understanding of human nature. Images are sometimes quite ambiguous and are always open to multiple interpretations, which can be a dilemma when dealing with extreme subjects. Photo albums are a great historical inheritance, they are the surviving legacy of the men and women who compiled them. History can be tampered with by the writers, but photography will always be the medium of the common man.

I am a serious collector of Third Reich militaria, to some this is a rather uncomfortable subject, some may think that my collecting may reflect my political beliefs. They could not be more mistaken, I find racism deeply offensive in all its forms, this is born from being an intelligent and well read historian.